King Drasil_7D6 [BT13-007] [Versus Royal Knights Booster]

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Set: Versus Royal Knights Booster
Card type: Digi-Egg
Rarity: Super Rare
Digi type: 9000
Form: Mega
Attribute: Unknown
[Breeding] [Your Turn] All of your Digimon can't digivolve. [Breeding] [Your Turn] [Once Per Turn] When a [Royal Knight] trait Digimon card would be played, you may reduce the play cost by 4 Further reduce it by 1 for each of this Digimon's digivolution cards. [Breeding] [Start of Your Main Phase] Reveal the top card of your Digi-Egg deck, then place that card and all of your [Royal Knight] trait Digimon as this Digimon's bottom digivolution cards.
[Breeding] [Your Turn] [Once Per Turn] When an Option card with the [Royal Knight] trait is placed in the battle area, gain 1 memory.

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